Childish Gambino : Les

We dig the simple fact that Childish Gambino exists. He may not be the illest MC, but his hipster vibe and flow is just what music needs right now. Face it, the kid does his own damn thing and he's not ashamed to flaunt it. *head bobs to dopeness* |Funk

Bruno Mars - Locked out of Heaven

The vibe is off the charts in this video. Digg the old school feel. Not to mention the music keeps the head bobbin. |Funk

Mos Def - History

You know the face. You know the name. Its Hip Hop. |Funk

Happy Birthday Hendrix.

Today is Jimi Hendrix's birthday. If he were still alive, he would have been 70 today! Its amazing that for the few short years he was famous, Hendrix would forever revolutionize the way the electric guitar was played. He discovered new chords, new obscure note combinations and new techniques that even the very best guitarists at the time hadn't even thought of. Its almost spooky to think how far ahead of his time he actually was. Check out the man behind the guitar in this revealing interview. Then, Peep his legendary 1969 Woodstock performance HERE . |Funk

TV On The Radio : Will Do

TV On The Radio is an electrifying, psychedelic/soul,rock band from Brooklyn New York. Their sound influences range from Earth Wind and Fire, to Prince, all the way to the Pixies. They've got soul, a bit of rock and punk rolled into one creative cocktail of sound and vibe. Check em out. |Funk

Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears : Im Broke

That smooth sh!t. |Funk

Aloe Blacc : Loving you is killing me (live)

Here's another tune from the neo soul artist, Aloe Blacc. We love live performances and this one in particular is a gem. If you digg the vibe and want to check out his studio work, peep our last Aloe Blacc feature HERE. |Funk

The Black Keys X RZA : The Baddest Man Alive

Epic artist collaborations like The Black Keys and Wu Tang Clan's RZA don't happen that often. But when they do, they give us insane mixes of sounds that leave our heads bobbin and our ears thirsty for more. Enjoy the vibes. |Funk
"Get fresh" |Funk

Kanye West : In The Streets Interview

Its always bittersweet watching an old Kanye West interview. "Old Kanye" was soo hungry, soo passionate, and you could feel that passion deeply,just by looking in his eyes. Hearing him talk would drive chills down your spine. He was a young kid on a mission. New Kanye is cool too, but lets face it; he's made it. He's fed. He's got the house, the car, the celebrity friends, and the high profile girlfriend. He's got a different type of hunger entirely! And thats just dandy... But hey, sometimes it nice to pull up forgotten interviews of Yeezy and just reminisce about the good old days. |Funk

Tupac - Thugz Mansion

#np Tupac - Thugz Mansion

Nneka : My Home

Nneka is an amazing artist! This half Nigerian, half German guitarist, singer/song writer has a sound of her own that has definitely never been heard before. She blends a unique combination of reggae swing, neo-soul vibe and hip hop approach all into one tight, compact groove. We don't know exactly how she does it, but this artist makes us feel every hook and every verse. Check her out. |Funk

Kids These Days : Don't Harsh My Mellow

We've been waiting for some time to see the Jazz /Rock /Hip Hop group "Kids These Days" go hard with their sound. They gave us the smooth track, "My Days", the dope acoustic track, "Darling", and even an amazing Kanye West cover of "Flashing Lights". Now we get the BANGER - "Don't Harsh My Mellow". Enjoy. |Funk